Water Safety for kayaking

Although kayaking is relatively safe, it is always important to educate yourself on proper water safety before you hit the water. 


Even if you are a veteran at kayaking, you should always follow the proper precautions so you don’t hurt yourself or others while you are on the water. Listed below are a few items you should always bring with you. 

Safety equipment for kayaking


This is an approved list of items that you need to keep with you when you are out kayaking. You can purchase these quality items through us at Kayak Monster.


Here’s what you’ll need to take note of: 

Paddling whistle


In case you get into a predicament while you are on the water, you’ll need a loud and clear whistle you can blow to call attention to yourself. Attach the whistle to your flotation device so it is nearby all the time.

Water and food


Kayaking can be more tiring than you might think and you can get parched if you’re spending a lot of time on the water. Make sure to bring some water and snacks with you. 

Dry bag


This bag can hold all of the things that need to stay dry in case your kayak capsizes. You can keep your wallet, phone, and other important items here. 

First aid kit


This should be well stocked and kept nearby at all times. Make sure your kit is up to date.

Sun protection


It’s crucial to keep your skin protected while you’re out on the water.


There can be many reasons why you’d need a knife when out kayaking, so it’s always good to keep one nearby.

Rope throw bag

This can be used to throw to someone out on the water to pull them in. The rope itself can
 also come in handy. 

What to wear


Your attire is also a part of your safety precautions. When you’re going kayaking, you should wear: 

A hat or helmet

Personal flotation device or life jacket 

Proper footwear

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