Introducing the Kayak Monster Automatic Dolly


1. Ergonomically Designed - So you don't have to lift the kayak to position the dolly

2. Fully automatic - push button adjustability and fully reversable

3. Time Savings -  Gets you in and out of the water faster with less effort

4.  Durable - Strong Aluminum frame and IP66 rated actuator

5. Newly Designed Attachment points - Allows movement of dolly forward or backward to maximize storage area

6. Adjustable frame - Ensures proper fit to your kayak



Kit Options:

Beach or Pneumatics wheels

Rocker or Toggle Switch

Colors - Silver or Black

Lithium Battery

Wheel Support


The dolly is a great aid for seniors and ladies to get your kayaks to the water easier and ease entry  without the kayak turning over.


Click the link below to see the dolly in action.



automated Kayak Dolly

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