Dolly installation steps

Installation time is about one hour.


Tools Required for installation:

1.  Drill

2. 11 MM, 12 mm, 13 mm wrench and socket set.

3. Allen Wrench set

4. Silicone

5. Rubber mallet

6. Wire Stripers


Installation Instructions:

1.  Open box and make sure you have all parts  required for installation.

2.  Start by locating where you want to locate the mounting block and determining where you'll run the actuator wire into the kayak.

3. Mark and drill holes for mounting blocks. The dolly legs are drilled with two sets of holes to set the width to your kayak.

4. Place the mounting blocks over the holes and insert 5/16 bolts through block into mounting plate positioned on the inside of the kayak below your mounting block holes.

5. Snug bolts for now. You will tighen later.

6.  Position center frame between blocks with the lever arm to the right side.

7. Insert leg through block into center frame from on the right side and insert pins.

8. Repeat previous step for left leg.

9.  Now attach front of actuator to lever arm with the unit in the closed position.

10.  Position the legs vertically, Align actuator along kayak and connet the rear actuator bracket ; mark holes to be drilled for the bracket.

11.  Disconnet rear actuator bracket and drill holes.

12.  Bolt into place using 1" 5/16 bolts. Bolt throught using the backing plate on the inside of the kayak.

13.  Verify the rotation of the legs in the forward and reverse direction to ensure you have required travel for unit.

14.  Determine where to position the switch. Drill switch hole.

15.  Locate  entry point for actuator cord and drill hole in kayak. Insert cord through water proof wire nute and silicone.

16.  Run wiring to switch. Switch is prewired so you only have to hook up the  actuator lead to the switch.

17.  Determine location of battery and run wiring from switch to battery inside the kayak hull.  

18.  Attach wiring leads to battery and actuator switch to test unit to ensure everything works appropriately.

19.  Re-tighten all bolts.

20.  Enjoy your new Monster Kayak Dolly. You will be the envey of the other kayakers.





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